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Notice posted June 1, 2017

Effective immediately, please make checks payable to "QDRO Group".  You can also pay with a credit card by using our Pay Now feature.

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General Services
Service More Info Fee

Expedite – Next Day

Additional fee beyond regular cost of service $200/item

Expedite – 3 Business Days

Additional fee beyond regular cost of service $100/item


Usually for telephone calls 30 minutes or longer in length. You will be notified before this fee is applied. $150/hour

Expert Testimony In Office

Where the court permits, we can provide testimony from our office. Fee includes preparation and testimony time. * $750

Expert Testimony On Site

All-inclusive preparation, travel (within Ohio), and appearance fee for expert witness on present value or QDRO issues. Date must be requested and retainer must be received in advance before witness can be guaranteed. * $1500

*An additional fee of $250 may be charged for short notice, at the discretion of the expert. Click here for more information and forms to order testimony.

Order Drafting Services
Service More Info Fee


Guaranteed through approval - no additional fee if our QDRO is rejected $400/item



IRA Letters of Instruction


Court Order Acceptable for Processing (CSRS, FERS & TSP)


Military Court Orders (Active or Reserve)


Railroad Tier II Court Orders


Division of Property Order (Ohio Only)


Update QDRO

Change provisions of previously drafted QDRO which has not been rejected $200

Review of Opposing Counsel's QDRO


Review of Opposing Counsel's Military QDRO


***Please note that there is a discount when requesting multiple orders on the same case. Click here to learn more.

Present Value Services
Service More Info Fee

Traditional Present Value

Provides the current value of the accrued pension at the normal retirement age $250

Present Value of Government Plans

Including Civil Service, FERS, Military, Railroad, Social Security and State pension plans $300

Multi-Employer Union Plans

For any plan that requires a special calculation of coverture because of non-uniform benefit formula accruals $300

Cash Balance Plans

Includes tracing of marital and separate property in the accrual of the account as well as present value of current benefit equivalent (when plans will supply information) $350

Update Report – Up to one year

To recalculate present value based on new dates or assumptions (usually no discovery is necessary) 1/2 fee

Update Report – Over one year

To recalculate present value based on new dates or assumptions and current accrued benefit (new discovery is included) Full Fee

Passive Growth Analysis on Defined Contribution Plans

Tracing the passive growth of separate property brought into defined contribution plans. Please note: For complex plans that will take longer than usual, we will contact you with an additional cost estimate. Starts at $600
Additional Present Value Services
Service More Info Fee

Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) Analysis

Calculation of an alternate payee’s portion of a DROP account given at monthly intervals assuming the member terminates sometime between the current date and the member’s Maximum DROP date $350

Excess Survivorship

For retired participants who elected a Joint and Survivor Annuity percentage larger than required by law or indicated by marital coverture $300

Lost Survivorship

For former spouses of a retired participant who were not elected for the survivorship awarded by the court $300

Additional Date / Multiple Assumptions

When you need one report with two different dates for the end of the marriage or when you need multiple values based on health assumptions or disability options $100

Review Opposing Expert Report - Written

$200 + report fee

Review Opposing Expert Report - Verbal Brief Overview


We offer a discount that is automatically applied to your request!

Anytime you request the preparation of multiple orders in the same case we will discount the second and any subsequent orders by $100. For instance, if you need both a defined benefit and define contribution QDRO in the same case, the total fee will be $700 ($400 for the first and $300 for the second). In order to receive this discount, all same case QDRO requests must be submitted at the same time. Same case QDRO requests individually completed and submitted with payment will not receive the discount.We do not offer a discount for the request of multiple present values.