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QDRO Services
QDRO (Guaranteed through approval)
IRA Letters of Instruction
Court Order Acceptable for Processing (CSRS, FERS & TSP)
Military Court Orders (Active or Reserve)
Railroad Tier II Court Orders
Division of Property Order (Ohio Only)
State Plan Judgment Entry Language (Ohio Only)
State Plan Package - includes JE Language and DOPO (Ohio Only)
Review of Opposing Counsel's QDRO
Review of Opposing Counsel's Military QDRO
Expert Testimony on QDROs and ERISA issues
Same Day or Next Day Service
$100 Premium

*** Please note that there is a discount when requesting multiple orders on the same case. The second and all subsequent orders are reduced by $100. ***

Present Value Services
Traditional Present Value
Government Plans (CSRS, FERS, SSA, State Plans, Military, Railroad)
Multi-Employer Union Plans
Update Report
401(k) Passive Growth Analysis
starts at $600
Additional Present Value Services
Excess Survivorship
Additional Date / Multiple Assumptions
Vacation/Sick Leave
Review Opposing Expert Report (extra fee above regular report cost)
DROP Analysis
Expedited Service
Expert Testimony